[Update] MovieBox Pro 9.1 Released for iPhone / iPad

Your favorites movie app, MovieBox Pro gets a big update! The update includes new features, fixes and optimizations that improve the app experience for iOS users. The official latest version, MovieBox Pro 9.1 for iOS now publicly available to download on iPhone, iPad, iPod.

The developers are continuously updating the app and trying to give a next-level user experience with MovieBox Pro for iOS and Android. As well, the content of the App is also regularly updating by adding just-released movies and TV episodes that you can watch online and offline.

MovieBox Pro V1.9
MovieBox Pro V9.1

MovieBox Pro App Information

  • Latest Release: V9.1
  • File Size: 89.5 MB
  • Released Date: 02 June 2021
  • Developer: Team MovieBox
  • Compatibility : iOS/iPadOS 11+ (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
MovieBox Pro App Download

MovieBox Pro 9.1 iOS [Change log] – What’s new?

  • Fix the issue that TV Shows cannot play directly on home page continue playing.
  • Add a switch control for PanGesture on/off in VLC player.
  • VLC player and system player can display the video title in landscape mode.
  • Add a long press gesture on forward button to fast forward the video playback.
  • Fix the issue that when iPhone orientation is locked, after force landscape in VLC player and then closed the player,  the screen will show landscape mode.
  • System player also supports force landscape while the iPhone orientation is locked.
  • Fix the issue that TV shows episode does not play with the last playback position while switching the player.
  • Optimize some other experiences of players.

Android user? Download MovieBox Pro APK latest version for your smartphone/tab..

MovieBox Pro APK

Tutorials :

MovieBox/MovieBox Pro app install with Cydia Impactor and AltStore

What is Cydia Impactor and AltSigner ? Both of these are IPA installer application which can use to install third party applications like MovieBox/MovieBox Pro. Cydia Impactor is one of the best application developed by Jay Freeman for iOS users. This application specially designed to install third party applications with IPA files. This installation method can use to download apps without Apple app store. Therefore most third party application users are using Cydia Impactor application with their devices. This application is not compatible to download for Android running Devices. Therefore Android users are required to use APK installer application for their devices.

Cydia Impactor requirements and features

  • Support for Windows/MAC/Linux
  • iOS compatible file
  • Apple ID to install application
  • Activate Unknown sources before install application

Can download MovieBox apps with Cydia Impactor ? Yes, All users can download MovieBox application with Cydia Impactor. You can follow below steps to download application.

  • First download application compatible with your Platform
  • Then execute application with your Personal computer
  • Connect your iDevice (iPhone/iPad) to computer
  • Then drag and drop IPA file to Cydia Impactor
  • Enter your Apple ID & Password to continue installation process
  • Now you can see MovieBox/MovieBox Pro app is ready with your device

AltStore is a iOS based IPA installer application which can use only for iOS platform. This application is unable to download for your device with Apple App store. Alt Store is the source to install AltStore application for your device.

AltStore features & Requirements

  • iOS Running Application support for iOS 5+
  • Best IPA file installer application
  • You can install apps without Apple ID
  • Refresh apps once a week to continue third party activation

This application compatible with Windows/MAC running platform. Follow these steps to download MovieBox/MovieBox Pro with AltStore.

  • First Download AltStore application for Your computer
  • Then install AltStore application with Alt Store application
  • Download MovieBox/MovieBox Pro IPA file for your device
  • Then open AltStore app and select IPA file
  • Then tap install to download application for your device
  • Wait and observe process… You can see MovieBox/MovieBox Pro application is ready with device after few seconds.

Follow Me to Download MovieBox App

Follow this to more information regarding AltStore app installation

Note – All users required to refresh application every seven days to continue installation process.

MovieBox Download with Play Store

We have seen several MovieBox apps are available to download with Play Store. Most of these applications are working fine to install MovieBox related apps for your devices. These applications are compatible to download & watch movies online/offline. Is it free ? All of the below mentioned applications are free for users. These play store based applications are recommended apps by Google Play store team. If you are satisfied with the application, You have an opportunity to upgrade application for MovieBox Pro/VIP version.

Most of these applications was received more than 3 user ratings & we need to share your experience with these applications. Actually many Play store MovieBox apps are ready to download for your device, Please refer their privacy policy about applications usage.

Follow MovieBox Download for Android

Follow Google Play Store to install MovieBox/MovieBox Pro Apps

How to install MovieBox with Play Store

  • Open Play store from your device
  • Then search as “MovieBox” > Now list of MovieBox app list appear
  • Follow user reviews and Policies before install for your device
  • Then tap “Install” to download for your device

MovieBox Pro Play Store FAQ

Is it legal MovieBox/MovieBox Pro Play Store apps ?

Yes, Play Store application approval team is approve applications after sequence of process. Therefore movies watch/download using these applications are legal for users. 

Is it free to download MovieBox with Play Store ?

We have seen free & paid apps are available to download for users. Please go through the application reviews before install for your device. Because some applications are useless.

Can download these apps with third party store ?

Perhaps you can see these apps with other places. But we are recommend to download it from Play store only. Because this is the most successful way to install apps.

Is it contain malware/badware ?

No, Play store apps are not contain any harmful programs for users. If you found any un-trusted source, Please inform to Play Store team about your matter. They will immediately take action for particular product.

Is it contain Ads ?

Yes, Some of these applications are ready with ads. Application developers are earning from the advertisement. However most paid versions does not contain ads.

Movies Box/MovieBox Download with App Store

What is Movies Box ? This is best MovieBox application ready to install free with Apple App store. This application is specially designed for Apple iPad devices & This is getting popular within users around the world. This is simple & user friendly application ready to watch latest movies/trailers. This application is also ready to download your favorite movies using few clicks. Also users can organize your own database with Movies Box application. This application is also link with iTunes store, So users can watch movies with iTunes.

MoviesBox features

  • Application is ready to download with Apple App store
  • Can install without jailbreaking your device/No risk for users
  • This is free application and Movies Box VIP ready with the users requirements
  • You can install with/without invitation code
  • You can watch movies without login account

Download Movies Box app with MovieBox

You can download application directly from your Apple device by searching application name. However we have provided direct download links for users. We are recommend to use free version for limited time. If you are satisfied with features update plans are available for users.


How to download MoviesBox application for your device

  • This application support for Ios 11+ running devices. If your device is lower version, Please upgrade to latest version before use this application.
  • Follow our download page to install application – Click Here
  • Then tap MoviesBox App Store to install application
  • Then you can see all the instructions – Then tap “Get” – MoviesBox app is installing to your device
  • Wait until end of application installation process.
  • Open application & enjoy with your favorite application

Movies Box FAQ

  • Can download application for Android ? This moment development team not released application for Play Store. Please touch with us, We will inform when release for public users
  • Can download Ios 3-10 Devices ? No
  • Is this Application legal ? Yes, You can download application with App Store. Therefore this is legal for your device
  • Can download application without code ? Yes, You can install application without invitation code.
  • Can watch unlimited movies ? This moment application is ready with many features. This will change with the installation. So please follow our link & install for your device.
  • How to upgrade MovieBox Pro VIP version ? Development team released VIP version with monthly, Yearly, Forever plans. Price range is 5.99 $ to 39.99 $. You can choose any plan with your budget.

Note – This application is installing properly for most of your iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch devices. Their free version is included advertisement. However you can avoid ads with Pro/VIP version. We can recommend this application for all MovieBox lovers around the world.

Are You loving Movies Store ? Please comment here with your experience.

IMDB Top Rated 2020 Movies for MovieBox loving users

IMDB is one of the best website which is use to watch your favorite movies online of offline. This year their top rated movies listed as follows. These movies got higher ranked within users. We can list top 10 as follows, Most users are interesting with IMDB Movie source & moviebox.online users will be loving with this list.

  1. The Shawshank Redemption
  2. The Godfather
  3. The Godfather: Part II
  4. The Dark Knight
  5. 12 Angry Men
  6. Schindler’s List
  7. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
  8. Pulp Fiction
  9. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  10. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Click here to watch IMDB Top rated list

Perhaps you are unable to install MovieBox Pro application for your device with activation code issue. We can recommend IMDB source to our loving users to watch favorite movies. This famous online store ready with Play Store & App store, Amazon company is acting major role behind IMDB source.

User can be a member from IMDB with variety of methods. However IMDB Members have many features for users, So most users are willing to be a member of IMDB.

IMDB MovieBox features included

  • Live shows
  • Tracking your everything & message for members
  • Rating and contribute ability

Our tutorial based review blog is using thousands of users around the world. So we need to give reliable sources for users with their requirements. We are not developing MovieBox pro or IMDB source. You can follow our tutorials  to install third party apps for your device. Actually most of these applications are available to download without jailbreaking(Cydia) & rooting. We have given all possible ways to touch with your loving apps.

IMDB listed their resources under different categories like top rated, lower rated, Indian and English etc. Also they are proving tv shows, box office well. Also most of these are ready for users with flexible price, This will be well opportunity for all MovieBox loving users. Please touch & bookmark us to touch with your favorite news..