How to install new MovieBox/MovieBox Pro 2020 for your iOS – iPhone/iPad with KFPanda

Your favorite MovieBox/MovieBox Pro application installation method is now flexible with third party application for your iOS device. If you are new to MovieBox application, follow this guide to install application properly to your device. This third-party installation method gives the best solution for all iOS users.

MovieBox/MovieBox Pro direct download

You can also follow our direct download link to install this application for your iPhone, iPad.

How to install MovieBox/MovieBox Pro for your device

This process is really simple for iOS users. All users can install this application with third party KFPanda application for your device, So users do not need to verify application after installation completed for your device.

  • First, you need to install KFPanda application with Apple app store. Follow this link – Install KFPanda
  • Please Tap Middle sign & Tap “+” sign to add application
  • Open application & add name & URL as follows Name – MovieBoxPro URL – Now tap “ Add ” button
  • Then you can see MovieBox/MovieBox Pro new version is ready with the first tab..
  • Tap it & enjoy with your favorite movies or tv shows (you need to login with your Gmail account to proceed)

  • Open MovieBox/MovieBox Pro & Download/Watch any Movies

Note – If you already installed KFPanda application for your device, do not need to install the application again. All users have an ability to upgrade to VIP version if interesting with additional features. This installation method is only for iOS users, Android users can follow our guide to install MovieBox for their devices.

This new installation method does not create MovieBox/MovieBox Pro icon in your iOS device. You can use MovieBox application with KFPanda (App Store application).

Features of new MovieBox/MovieBox Pro 2020

  • Users are do not need to “verify” application after installation is completed for iOS device
  • Application revoked will not happen with this installation
  • KFPanda & MovieBox can install without jailbreaking
  • Application is ready to install without risk for the device
  • You can use the application without gmail account after first login attempt, This will help to install this valuable application for all MovieBox lovers

Can MovieBox Pro download with App Store?

No, You can only install third-party application KFPanda with this new installation method with App Store. This will really help you, You can keep MovieBox forever with iDevice now.

MovieBox latest version download for iPhone, iPad, iPod & Android, AppleTV & AndroidTV devices

Can install MovieBox for your Device ? Yes, This application ready to download & install for your Ios , Android, AppleTV & AndroidTV models. Most Apple Ios 12 to Ios 7 users are willing to download MovieBox for their devices. So this guide will be help to all users who are interesting with MovieBox application. MovieBox is best well organized application which included more than 10000 movies/tv shows. You can download application from following direct download link.


MovieBox Download for Apple Device

Good news for all Apple users, MovieBox application is ready to install for your device within few seconds. MovieBox Pro is the latest modified version of MovieBox application. This application included all features you have touched with MovieBox application. MovieBox Pro included added resources for you, Specially users can download files with different quality format with pro version. Can download MovieBox for Ios 12 ? Yes, This application support Ios 5 – Ios 12 running models. If your device is lower version, You can try to install this application after upgrade to upper version.

MovieBox Download for Android

Can MovieBox install for Android ? Yes, This moment users can download MovieBox application to their devices without ShowBox name. This modified MovieBox pro android version support most android versions. This is really big news for all Android users around the world, You can download MovieBox Pro apk file to your device to install application. Users can download application just tapping apk file, You can follow our Android guide to install application properly to your device.

MovieBox install for your AppleTV

MovieBox new version support for AppleTV models, This is really happy news for all AppleTV users. This pro version can execute with your TV model without your mobile platform. So Apple TV users can download application directly to their devices. You can follow official site step by step guides to get this application properly to your device.

MovieBox install for AndroidTV

You can install MovieBox Pro application for your AndroidTV model with apk installer. You can feel cinema experience with your tv device using this application. This installation method is risk free for all of you. So users can download application without damaging to third party applications. MovieBox development team successfully tested this application for AndroidTV model.

How to install MovieBox for your device

  • Download above link from your device, Tap Download button
  • Select your device model, Follow instructions to download application
  • Observe process, MovieBox Pro will be ready with your device after few secods.

Unable to install MovieBox, How to solve your issue ?

If you have already installed application & not functioning properly, Then you need to completely remove application before install new application for your device. All users need to execute application after restarting device.

If you have not installed application, Please try to install MovieBox Pro couple of times. We recommend to follow alternative apps like plex-connect.

What is MovieBox ? How to install MovieBox directly to your device ?

MovieBox is world number one third party Movie related application, This Movie streaming application included millions of movies, tv shows, videos, trailers for Apple users. MovieBox is only compatible to install for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch users. This application alternative apps are ready to install for Android, Windows, MAC platform. All MovieBox lovers can install this application to download/Watch Movies from their device. This guide will help to all users to install this application directly to their devices.


Users can download MovieBox for their devices with two methods

  • Direct Method
  • Indirect Method

You can use direct download link to get this application using one click. This installation method can use to install mb application to your device. But users are need to trust MovieBox third party application under Profile & Device Management. Our direct download link is support for Ios 3+ running any device. If you faced any error with application installation, our support team is like to help for you.

Tap Here to Download MovieBox Application

MovieBox indirect installation methods is called “Third party applications”. You can download MovieBox application with many third party tools like tutuapp, vshare, cyhelper. These third party applications are providing MovieBox application installation under their embed certificate. Therefore users are need to re-install application after some duration of time.

Can install MovieBox directly to your device ? MovieBox application developers are not released PC based application for their lovers. However we have provided all third party applications for Windows/MAC running users. You can follow our PC based guide for more information.

Tap Here MovieBox for PC

Apple users can install MovieBox alternative applications like PlayBox, CinemaBox to their devices. We have seen more than 90 percent of users are loving with MovieBox application. Are you interesting with MovieBox ? Touch with Us… Follow Us…

Download MovieBox with cyPlus app in Cydia Download Installer

MovieBox installation can do with cyplus application, cyPlus is one of the best application developed by Cydia Installer team. This application is compatible to download for most of the Apple devices. You can download cyPlus without jailbreaking your Apple device. This third party App store included such valuable jailbreak apps not available in the Apple app store. Most Apple users are interesting with this application, Because cyPlus is completely free for install with Cydia Installer. You can download MovieBox also with using cyPlus application for your device.

cyPlus requirements

  • Support for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Ios 3+ Running any Apple device
  • Browse with Safari browse to install application

How to Install MovieBox with cyPlus for your device

This installation process is very simple and you can install MovieBox using this application within few steps. First you need to install cyPlus application online for your device. Then your favorite applications are ready to download with this application.

  • Tap Here to download cyPlus with Cydia – Click Here [Safari Users]
  • Then tap allow to add for your device – > Tap Install – > Tap Done to add for your device home screen
  • Now you can see cyPlus is ready to install for your device. MovieBox application is also ready to install now for your device.
  • Tap cyPlus – > Tap MovieBox – > Tap Install , Wait MovieBox is installing to your device
  • After Installation completed, Please tap Settings – > General – > Profile and Device Management – > Tap certificate – > Tap Trust , Now you can see “Verified” for your device.

This Youtube Video will help to install this application properly to your device. Follow it..

Go back & Tap MovieBox and Enjoy..